Organized with ease

Virtual aperitif

Is your team in the home office and would you like to have more social exchange with each other?  Or are you a couple of friends who want to have a virtual toast together?

We enjoy the cultivated Swiss Apéro culture! With our new service "Apéro Set", we relieve you of the burden of organizing drinks/nibbles and, if you wish, we can take care of putting them together, addressing them, packing them and sending them to your colleagues for you. It's that easy....

1. Content: It's a matter of taste

Find out which Apéro Set your friends/colleagues prefer. Or just surprise them.

Apéro Set Salzig (salty)
Goldmandli Premium Hell 33cl, Höllbier Dunkel 33cl, Zweifel Chips 90g; CHF 14.90

Apéro Set Süss (weet)
Baarer Hirsebier 33cl, Prosecco De Faveri 20cl, Knuspermalz 85g; CHF 22.90

Apéro Set Leicht (light)
Baarer Alkoholfrei 33cl, Focus Water Mirabelle 50cl, Knuspermalz 85g, CHF 18.90

2. Logistics: Which yourney is the destination?

After receiving the order, we need 5 working days (1 week) for order processing. How can we support you with the logistics around the Apéro Set?

  • Pick-up: We prepare and pack your sets. You pick them up 5 days later after 4 p.m. at the Braui Markt (located at the Brauerei Baar, Langgasse 41, Baar) and then distribute them yourself.
  • Shipping: We prepare, pack, address and ship your sets to any address in Switzerland (no deliveries abroad). You provide us with the complete addresses, including the information who receives which Apéro Set, in an Excel file. Shipment on desired date by Post Pac Economy (plus CHF 7.-) or Priority (plus CHF 9.-)

3. Insert: Heart and soul needed?

Would you like to include a greeting card or letter with the shipment? Send us the data in advance at (we will print it out on 160g/m2) or send us the documents in advance by post so that we can include this in the shipment. Please inform us about this in the order form in the "Comments" field.

4. By the way

Minimum order quantity: 5 packages. We can not take responsibility for delivery period of the Schweizerische Post (Post Pac Economy usually 2 days, Priority on the next business day) . We will forward the packages to the post office as soon as possible. In case of a larger order quantity (more than 30 parcels), in case of an increased workload or in case of possible delivery bottlenecks at the suppliers, the delivery date could change. In this case we will contact you as soon as possible. We ask you to order ahead of time if possible.

5. any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our head office on 041 766 48 66.

6. Let's go now...

Now you have all the information you need to place your order. We are looking forward to helping you with the organization of your aperitif. The only thing that's left on you is to toast ;)


Apéro Set

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